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ClickFunnels Review 2020

March 25, 2020 12 min read

ClickFunnels Overview: What is ClickFunnels Exactly?

What is ClickFunnelswas built to help online business owners to build sales funnels and automates the sales process entirely. This software comes as an all-in-one sales page and funnel builder. Through ClickFunnels, online business owners can scale their businesses to higher levels.

The software was designed in 2014 by Russell Brunson and his team.

Since its inception, the software has grown to become the most popular sales funnel-builder.

And it’s no surprise.

So, let’s take a look at the review of the most important ClickFunnels features and benefits you can get from this tool.

What Can ClickFunnels Do For You?

ClickFunnels allows you to offer more to your customers. Once the customer gets into the sales funnel, you can take them through several landing pages that ensure he ends up being a high-paying customer at the end.

However, ClickFunnels has more to offer to ensure your online business runs smoothly.

Here are a couple of things that you can use ClickFunnels for:

1. ClickFunnels Can Help You Build Marketing Pages That Sell

clickfunnels build pagesFor you to make money online from your business, you are going to need to make several webpages. These webpages are also called marketing pages.

ClickFunnels makes it easy for you to make these webpages. Remember, you want to take a visitor through the whole process and turn them from your site’s visitor to a paying customer.

Some of the marketing pages that you will need for your business include sales pages, order pages, webinar pages, and checkout pages.

2. Host Courses With ClickFunnels

clickfunnels membershipClickFunnels is ideal for any kind of business, including online tutoring. If you offer online courses, having ClickFunnels as your marketing tool will come in handy.

The software features a Membership Area that makes it easy for online tutors to design their courses. Setting up the members’ area is quite easy and should only take you a couple of minutes.

One bonus of using ClickFunnels for your online courses is that it helps in managing other aspects of your business, such as sales and marketing.

The only downside to ClickFunnels for hosting courses is that the platform won’t support your marketing video. You will, therefore, have to use a different platform such as YouTube.

3. Launch a New Product Witch ClickFunnels

clickfunnels launch a productLaunching a new product is never easy, whether your business runs online or not. For online business owners, it is notably more challenging to convince people to get on board with your new product.

ClickFunnels makes it easier for you to launch a product thanks to the Product Launch funnel. With this funnel, you get to create brand awareness first and convince potential customers why they need the product.

By the time you get to the actual launch, clients are convinced that it is a worthy investment, boosting your sales of the new product.

4. ClickFunnels Can Help to Build an Email List

ClickFunnels Build email listAnother challenge that many online business owners face is building an email list. But with ClickFunnels, it should only take you some time before you have an impressive subscribers’ list.

One of the best strategies for building your list is by offering a free incentive at the beginning of your marketing funnel.

Say, you placed an ad for a life coaching lesson in time management.

Through ClickFunnels, you can set up a marketing campaign that offers your site’s visitors a free package on a time management course.

By doing this, you can build your email list to a significant number from where you can generate some impressive leads for your business.

Top ClickFunnels Features Reviewed

We’ve already mentioned that ClickFunnels is an all-in-one marketing solution for online business owners. As such, the platform comes equipped with several lucrative features that make it easy for online business owners and marketers.

Let’s have a look at the top features I have reviewed that make this platform stand out from the rest.

1. ClickFunnels Has a Drag & Drop Page Builder Integrated

clickfunnels drag and dropBuilding pages in a funnel can be difficult.

But with ClickFunnels Drag & Drop feature, you can easily design the pages to look however you want.

The software comes with pre-built template pages for sales pages, order pages, checkout pages, and others.

Choose whatever template you want, then proceed to drag and drop features such as images and texts to whatever place that you want.

I especially love the drag and drop feature because it helps save time.

Instead of spending hours designing one page, a couple of minutes will be enough for you to create an attractive landing page that will keep your clients hooked.

When running a marketing campaign, you will appreciate this feature.

You will quickly get through the funnel building process up until the launch phase within no time.

2. ClickFunnels Helps You Build Sales Funnels Without Coding Skills

clickfunnels no codingYou are probably wondering, ‘how am I going to design a funnel if I can’t code?

Well, you don’t need to have any prior coding knowledge for you to build a sales funnel.

ClickFunnels has made everything easier. There is a wide range of marketing funnel templates readily available on the platform.

You only have to choose one and tweak it to suit your needs.

What if you are a pro at coding?

ClickFunnels gives you the option of designing your pages and building your sales funnels from scratch.

If you have some coding knowledge, this would be an excellent opportunity to put your skills to the test.

 3. ClickFunnels Allows You to Implement Up-Sells and Down-Sells

clickfunnels upsellsOne of the most crucial features of your sales funnel is up-sells and down-sells.

But first, what are these?

Say, for example, you run an online marketing business.

One of your marketing strategies will, ideally, be the use of social media platforms.

A potential client comes across your ad on Facebook, and by clicking on it, they are directed to your website.

Getting a potential client to your site or store is just the easy part. The challenge lies in taking them through an entire process that converts them into your clients.

This potential client clicked on the ad because they were interested in a particular product that you had to offer.

Through a series of landing pages, you can turn the potential client’s interest into desire and finally into action.

ClickFunnels Upsell Feature

Just as they are about to check out, ClickFunnels allows you to set up a page that offers your customers a deal.

If you run an online tutoring business and the customer was just about to purchase a part 1 of 4 for a particular course, you can offer them the entire 4-part course at a discount.

Often, customers will see this as a better deal and go for it. This is what we call an up-sell.

If your customer takes the offer, you may decide to pitch in a second up-sell.

This time you could, perhaps, offer them a different but relatable course.

Your customer may choose to either accept or decline the offer.

ClickFunnels Down-Sell Feature

Should they decline the offer, your sales funnel can direct them to a related by a lower-priced offer.

This persuades them to reconsider their decision and gives you a second chance to convert them.

4. ClickFunnels Lets You Share Your Funnels with Others

clickfunnels share funnelYou don’t always have to build a sales funnel from scratch.

ClickFunnels lets its users share funnels on the platform.

This means that you can use a friend’s exact funnel for your business or share with them yours.

A significant advantage of this feature is that it helps you save some time.

If you run a marketing business and build sales funnels for customers, this feature could come in handy.

Through this feature, you can also earn some commission.

Whenever you share a funnel with someone who does not have a ClickFunnels account, they will be prompted to take the trial.

Should they become a user, you get to earn some commission.

5. ClickFunnels Allows You to A/B Test Your Offers

ClickFunnels AB testingWhenever you build a sales funnel for any of your offers, you need to ensure that you have the best-performing sales funnel.

You are, therefore, likely to design several funnels and comparing them before choosing one.

With ClickFunnels A/B testing, you can easily compare two funnel templates and determine the better performing one.

Besides, the templates that already exist in the software are already tested. You won’t waste much time deciding which model performs and which one doesn’t.

The A/B split testing feature doesn’t work on templates only.

You can use this feature to compare variants of your ads, landing pages, media pages, opt-in pages, and other elements of your marketing campaign.

By doing so, you can choose the best performing variations for every page, allowing you to design a premium marketing campaign.

6. ClickFunnels Has Sales Analytics Integrated to Track Your Data

clickfunnels sales analyticsIf you run an online business, you need to keep track of your data.

Where are most of your customers coming from?

What are they buying most?

Which marketing strategy works best?

If you are using different tools to perform all these functions, it may be a challenge for you to keep up with all this data.

However, because ClickFunnels is an integrated marketing solution, you quickly have access to all this data in one platform.

Through the Sales Analytics feature, you can quickly tell what progress you are making with your sales funnels.

You can, for example, tell where most of your hot leads generate from.

Identifying this can help you focus more on the hot leads and turn them into customers without spending so much money on advertising.

Review on the ClickFunnels Benefits – What Do I Like the Most?

ClickFunnels Can Help You Generate More Sales

clickfunnels shopify salesOne major challenge that online business owners face is turning potential leads to high-paying customers.

Take this example.

You own a dropshipping store on Amazon that deals with camping gear.

You place an ad on Twitter for some camping bags.

A potential client clicks on the ad and is directed to your Amazon store.

Unfortunately, once they are on Amazon, they also have access to your competitors’ stores.

The potential client will, in most cases, browse through the available options and may end up purchasing the camping bag from another store.

ClickFunnels helps you generate more sales, thanks to the sales funnels.

Using the sales funnel, you can turn a total stranger into a return customer.

The funnel takes them through the awareness stage where they get to know about your company, you then pique their interest with a specific offer, convince them that they need it, and eventually get them to be on board.

ClickFunnels Can Help You Automate Your Sales Processes

When running an online business, the sales process is one of the most crucial elements. After all, it is a process that rewards you for all your hard work.

It is crucial that the sales process, just like any other process, runs smoothly from beginning to end. ClickFunnels allows you to automate the entire process so that you don’t have to do any of the integration manually.

A bonus advantage is that the platform integrates easily with specific eCommerce platforms such as Shopify.

If you already own a store on the platform, you can incorporate ClickFunnels into the system and automate the entire process.

Should a customer make an order at any point in the sales funnel, the order is automatically sent to your store for processing.

Another tool that makes the sales process easier with ClickFunnels is payment integration.

The software integrates with several payment platforms such as PayPal, Stripe, ClickBank, and others to allow your customers to pay for your products and services at the end of the sales funnel.

ClickFunnels Can Help You Generate More Leads

clickfunnels generate leadsAs an online business owner, you will continuously be looking for ways to generate more leads for your business.

One way to do this is by placing ads on social media.

Even with an ad on Facebook, how do you get people to click on it?

ClickFunnels offers a solution for this.

Witch ClickFunnels software, you can design beautiful and attractive landing pages that are sure to get people to click on your ad and enter your marketing funnel.

Through the platform, you can also build an impressive email list that will then help you generate more leads by giving certain offers.

Because not all the leads will turn into actual sales, you want to ensure that you have as many leads as possible to increase the chances of a higher number of sales.

You Can Get Access to the ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Program

FunnelFlixRussell Branson is well known for conducting some useful webinars and programs.

The marketing guru undoubtedly has some valuable tips that all online marketers could benefit from.

As a paying member of ClickFunnels, you will get access to the FunnelFlix program.

The program contains a collection of all of Russell’s teachings and training on online marketing strategies. W

hat’s more, is that the program also includes some useful tips that Russell paid for from other online marketing experts.

Note, FunnelFlix is more than just a collection of live training, it has some of the best courses on sales, marketing, and mindset from successful trainers such as John Reese, Tony Robbins and such.

Once you get a ClickFunnels account, you will have access to a dashboard that helps you navigate the entire software.

You can access all the courses available on ClickFunnels at the upper-right hand of the panel.

My Review on ClickFunnels Pricing

When it started, ClickFunnels offered three pricing plans. However, the software has since integrated these and come up with two pricing plans.

The Startup plan is the cheapest option available and goes for $97 a month. With this plan, you can access all the funnel creation tools, which include:

  • Sales funnels
  • Chat support
  • Webinar funnels
  • Membership funnels
  • A/B split testing
  • Up-sell and down-sell pages

However, this pricing plan comes with some limitations.

You can only have 20 funnels and build 100 landing pages. You are also limited to 20,000 monthly visitors only and one user per account. You can only have three custom domains, and you don’t have access to follow-up funnels.

With the Startup plan, you can’t create your affiliate program, which is available through the platform’s feature, Backpack.

The other available pricing plan is the ClickFunnels Platinum plan. For this option, you will have to part with $297 every month.

With this plan, you get access to all the features available for the Startup plan and so much more.

Here are some of the bonuses you get with the platinum pricing plan:

  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited number of visitors
  • Unlimited pages
  • Unlimited follow-up funnels
  • Nine payment integrations
  • Nine custom domains
  • FunnelFlix
  • Backpack etc.

Most people will argue that the pricing plans available on ClickFunnels are expensive.

However, given that the software is an all-in-one marketing solution, you are getting the value for your money by signing up for any of the pricing plans.

Think about it, with other marketing tools, you will have to pay for separate software to do the email integration, another to build landing pages, and so on.

Eventually, the total cost may end up being so much higher than ClickFunnels’.

This software allows you to pay once and gain access to all the marketing tools that you need for your business to thrive.

ClickFunnels Free Trial Overview

If you have never tried it out, you may be a bit skeptical about getting on board with ClickFunnels.

And that’s understandable. However, the software is a great option, and with the 14-day free trial, you can try out all the features that ClickFunnels has to offer and determine whether or not you can use it to scale your online business.

During this trial period, you will have access to all the funnel-building tools that are available for the pricing plan that you choose.

I would recommend that you try out some of the significant functions first because all the functionalities can get confusing.

For you to sign up for your free trial and set up an account.

Signing up should only take a few seconds, and you only need your email address and password to get started.

And by the way, during the free trial period you’ll also get instant access to all of these bonuses:

ClickFunnels free TrialClick the button below to claim ClickFunnels 14-day free trial together with all these bonuses: Is ClickFunnels Worth it?


As an online marketer, you will appreciate that there are so many aspects and angles to look at.

Online marketing entails so much, and there are very many marketing tools out there to make your work easier.

However, one thing that makes ClickFunnels stand out is that it offers a solution to all your marketing needs in one package.

Whether you want to build amazing landing pages, build an email list, track your site data, or automate your sales process, ClickFunnels has got you covered.

Many will argue that the pricing plans are a bit too expensive compared to other alternatives. I agree you cannot compare the ClickFunnels pricing with other platforms. However, ClickFunnels offers so many other features that may not be present on other platforms.

Sure, you will be hesitant about paying for any of the pricing plans.

But it will be a worthy investment for your business.

Also, you will get access to videos that show you ho to get the most from the software so that your business can grow to the next level.

So, yes! ClickFunnels is worth the price and hype surrounding it.

ClickFunnels Support Review

When choosing an online marketing tool for your business, you must choose one whose support is always available.

That’s why it’s so important to review the support of ClickFunnels as well.

ClickFunnels support service is a bit slow as compared to other options.

An inquiry may take a few hours, which is not a good option if you need a quick fix.

Should you run into any trouble, you can always get help from the ever-ready Facebook Support community.

There are also several guides to help you navigate the platform and get the most out of it.

However, ClickFunnels is looking to bring more staff on board, which will make customer support more efficient.

ClickFunnels Pros & Cons


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • No coding experience is needed to build an effective sales funnel
  • The drag-and-drop editor feature makes it easy to build all kinds of landing pages
  • The software offers an all-in-one marketing solution
  • The pre-built sales funnels help save time
  • You can choose from the existing templates or build your landing pages from scratch
  • A/B split testing lets you choose the best-performing option for your ads, funnels, etc.
  • Helps you generate more leads and therefore, more sales
  • You can easily track your data and determine what marketing strategies you need to improve.
  • There are constant software updates to help you stay ahead of the online marketing game


  • The pricing plans are quite expensive
  • Because the software focuses on simplicity, you may not achieve as much customization as you would want.
  • It will take you some time before you master how to use ClickFunnels because it has so many features to offer.